Introducing: Finding Meaning in a Meaningless Society

I have decided to construct a new series of posts for this blog. Finding Meaning in a Meaningless society will aim to, in fairly basic terms, critique the current attitudes and beliefs within our society, as well as explain ways in which one can find meaning and purpose through all the baggage of modern life, so to speak. Given the rapid changes within our society (particularly when it comes to lifestyle, technology and politics), I believe this will be a fun series to write, and hopefully an even better one to read!

The series will be divided between six blog posts. The order is as follows:

Part 1: What is Meaning, and is Our Society Meaningless?

Part 2:  Growing Up

Part 3: The Symbolic Deaths

Part 4:  Stabilising Yourself

Part 5: Relationships

Part 6: The Importance of Goals


Author: Mitchell Foyle-York

Twitter: MSfoyleyork

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